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Posted on 21 December 2022 | 3 minute read

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Our Unique Security Features, Additional Inclusions and our Premium Service Options

Our Security Features

We are proud of the custom security features and inclusions that our range of units is fabricated with. They are constructed from premium grade steel making them resistant to vermin and inclement weather. Once packed, the unit is totally secure with a steel constructed padlock protector. To ensure that goods don’t move during storage or transit, our units are engineered to include internal tie rails along the ceiling and sides.

Our Additional Inclusions

We supply our units with complimentary tie downs to secure your bulky items to the ceiling and side rails within. We also provide complimentary felt furniture blankets which are fuzz-free, moisture and shock absorbent. These can be used to wrap delicate items, fill empty spaces or buffer bulky items.

Our Range of Options

The versatility of our storage size options means that our customers can select a unit which best suits their specific capacity needs. You won’t run out of space or waste money on empty, unfilled space. If you choose to store your unit at one of our facilities, you can rest assured that it is staffed and monitored by 24-hour CCTV and alarm systems.  We also offer insurance so that in the unlikely event that damage occurs, we’re all covered.

Our Premium Service Option

Not only can our customer service team help to match you with a storage unit that best suits your capacity needs, we can arrange a flexible long or short-term rental period which is easily extended or shortened if your needs change. Better yet, if you want the entire stress and hassle of the packing, storage and removal process removed, we can do that for you too.

We come to you by appointment, pack your goods, load them into the unit by forklift and take the unit away for storage at one of our facilities until your storage requirements are met. When you need your goods redelivered, a simple call schedules their delivery and our team of professional, experienced removalists will unload and place the goods for you. Packing, moving and storage has never been so easy!

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