Storage Checklist & Tips

1800 We Store It – The specialists in Storage offer this FREE Storage Checklist and Tips to help make your Storage experience seamless.

Get organised, make a list

Get organised, make a list!

Creating a detailed inventory list of your items will help you decide what items you will move, store or donate. Our FREE online inventory form will create a detailed list to help you determine the size and type of storage for your needs.

Need packing materials?

Order all of your packing materials in advance to get your items ready for safe relocating or storage. We offer a vast range of packing materials and bundles to make the packing process simple.

packing materials
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Need help with packing or moving?

Our experienced team of removalists can help you with your move. From safely packing your items to loading the mobile storage unit, we offer a complete end to end service for peace of mind.