Frequently asked questions

What size are the Storage Units you offer?

6ft, 8ft, 10ft & 20ft Storage Units.

Are the Storage Units weatherproof and sealed?

Yes they are completely waterproof and sealed.

Where are the Storage Units stored?

The storage units are stored at one of our secure facilities.

What can’t I put in my Storage Unit?

Perishables, Fuels, Oils & Anything that is flammable.

What’s the cost of your Storage Units?

With Storage options starting from as low as $1.10 per day we can personalise all your Storage needs.

Do you have a month to month hire on your Storage Units or a fixed Contract?

We simply charge weekly via Direct debit and there are NO fixed contracts

How do you secure my items in your Storage Units?

Each fragile item is wrapped in felt furniture blankets and tied in place with custom furniture tie downs.

When can I access my Storage Unit?

General access is 9am – 3pm Monday to Friday.

How do I pay for my Storage Unit?

Simply via a week to week Direct Debit

What are you Storage Units made from?

Our 6ft storage units are made from construction grade wood and our 8ft, 10ft & 20ft Shipping Containers are solid steel.

Will you deliver my Storage Unit?

We can deliver the Mobile Storage Unit and leave onsite for You to load OR We can deliver and do all the Loading for You.