Frequently asked questions

What is Self Storage?

Self storage is a business model that rents out units of varying sizes to keep personal and business items secure. Units are available in various sizes, with the latest innovations including portable shipping containers that make self-storage much more flexible and accessible.

How Much Does a Self Storage Unit Cost?

At 1800 We Store It, prices are determined by volume. Our largest 20 ft storage unit comes with 32 to 38 cubic metres capacity and is available from $59.95 per week, or $1.88 per cubic metre. Smaller units of 6 ft, 8 ft, and 10 ft are available and cost from $22.95, $32.95, and $42.95, respectively, with pricing up to 50% cheaper than traditional storage units.

What sizes are available for self-storage units?

1800 We Store It has several storage container sizes, ranging from 6 ft wooden units to steel shipping containers in 8 ft, 10 ft, and 20 ft varieties. Storage capacities are 10, 11.5, 19, and 32 cubic metres, respectively. Our containers are portable storage units that can be delivered and picked up directly from your premises. We also have warehouse pallet rack storage available, with storage space as small as a single pallet rack to as much as you need.

How secure are self-storage facilities?

Your items will be safe at 1800 We Store It storage facilities, with all locations equipped with the latest CCTV surveillance and alarm systems and round-the-clock monitoring. We also have a reputation for providing high-quality steel shipping containers, supplied with robust padlocks that are further protected with a padlock box.

Can I access my belongings at any time?

You can access your storage unit at one of our facilities during our regular business hours, between 9am and 3pm, Monday to Friday. Of course, storage units you keep on-site are conveniently accessible at any time.

What items are prohibited in a self-storage unit?

Self-storage is an excellent option for all sorts of items, such as furniture, clothing, and documents. However, a few things are not allowed for safety reasons, including perishables, paints, gas cylinders, fuels, oils and other flammable chemicals.

How long can I rent a self-storage unit for?

You can rent any of our storage solutions from week to week for as long or as short as you need it. We do not lock you into a fixed-term contract and offer the same affordable prices for long-term and short-term storage.

Do I need to provide my own lock?

No. We can provide an optional heavy-duty padlock, further protected by a padlock cover, making the unit basically impenetrable. Whether the unit stays on-site or you store it in one of our facilities, you can have the peace of mind that your items are protected against unauthorised entry.

Are there climate-controlled units available?

No, 1800 We Store It does not have climate-controlled units available. However, our storage containers are ventilated and weather and rodent-proof to ensure your items remain in the same condition you left them.

What happens if I miss a payment?

1800 We Store It Customers will receive late payment reminders about missed payments, which may be subject to late fees. If payment is not made, we may suspend access to your items until the account is brought up to date. In rare cases, items in storage could be considered abandoned. Please stay in touch with 1800 We Store It if you are having trouble paying for storage, as we can help you work out a solution.

Are there any insurance requirements for storing items?

No, there are no specific insurance requirements for storing items with 1800 We Store It. However, we highly recommend insurance coverage through a third-party provider like CARTS Insurance for added protection and peace of mind for your stored belongings.

Is there a minimum rental period?

No, we do not have minimal rental periods for storage units. Keep your items safe and secure in a portable steel shipping container or at one of our facilities for as long or as short as you need. We understand that storage requirements can change and that our customers need storage that can adapt to changing conditions.

How are self-storage units different from warehousing or storage lockers?

Self-storage units differ from warehousing or storage lockers in several ways. Firstly, self-storage units are typically larger and offer more room than lockers, meaning you have more room for bulkier items. On the other hand, warehousing facilities are more suited to long-term storage needs and require the customer to travel to the unit to load or retrieve their items. Self-storage units from 1800 We Store It are portable and can be moved from one location to another, or placed in long-term storage at one of our secure facilities, making them one of the most adaptable storage solutions in Melbourne.

Do self-storage facilities offer moving or packing supplies?

Yes, 1800 We Store It is your one-stop shop for all your storage needs. We have packing boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and more to help you keep your items pristine while they are in storage or during transit. We even offer a service that will take care of all your wrapping and packing so your storage is as hassle-free as possible.

Can I change to a different size unit after I've already rented one?

Yes. We keep our storage options flexible because we understand your needs can change. Whether you need more space, or would like to downgrade to a smaller unit, give us a call and let us help you find the perfect storage solution.

Are there discounts for long-term rentals or upfront payments?

We offer the same affordable rates for both short-term and long-term storage needs. However, we are happy to discuss a customised solution for your unique requirements.

How often can I visit my storage unit?

We are open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily, and you can visit your unit any time during normal operating hours as often as you want. Just call ahead, and we will get your container ready for you to access.

Is there an additional charge for 24-hour access?

No, we do not have 24-hour access to our facilities. Accessing your items is free during our regular business hours.

What's the protocol for moving out and ending my rental agreement?

You can cancel your storage with us at any time. Please provide us with written notice at [email protected] three (3) business days before your chosen vacate date. Please note that business days do not include weekends. If your vacate notice arrives in our inbox on Saturday or Sunday, your cancellation date will be the following Thursday.

How are self-storage facilities maintained and cleaned?

1800 We Store It containers are regularly inspected and cleaned to ensure they are in good condition. Each container is cleaned inside and out, including sweeping, mopping, and pressure washing for deep cleans. Any damages or maintenance needs are promptly addressed to maintain the containers’ functionality and structural integrity. We’re always on guard against pests that could pose a problem to keep our containers in top condition shape.

Are pest control measures in place?

Yes, top-notch pest control ensures your items are kept safe and clean. Pest control at 1800 We Store It includes regular inspections, pest monitoring, and implementing preventive measures from professional pest control services to minimize their presence. Our portable shipping containers are also pest and rodent-proof so that you can confidently store the container on your driveway with confidence.

Is there a limit to the volume or weight of items I can store?

While there may be limitations on the volume or weight of items you can store at 1800 We Store It; the specific limits can vary depending on the size of the storage unit you choose. Each storage unit has a maximum capacity, typically measured in terms of square footage or cubic feet. Selecting a storage unit that can accommodate your belongings comfortably without exceeding its weight or volume restrictions is important. To determine the appropriate storage unit size for your needs and to inquire about any specific limitations, it is recommended to contact 1800 We Store It directly.

Can vehicles be stored in self-storage units?

Yes, 1800 We Store It offers specialised services for vehicle storage, including motorbikes, boats, jet skis, caravans, and trailers. Choose from our range of vehicle storage options, including private storage units, customised indoor storage, or outdoor storage that includes high-quality protective covers and materials to keep your pride and joy safe from the elements.

Are any utilities available inside the units, like electricity or Wi-Fi?

No, 1800 We Store It units do not have electricity or features like WiFi. Containers are supplied as is and do not come with options for customisation. However, our steel shipping containers are weatherproof and rodent-proof and are provided with tie-downs and felt blankets to ensure your items arrive back to you in the same condition you left them.

Do the facilities offer drive-up access to units?

Yes, you can drive up and access your units as often as you like during our regular business hours. Please call ahead so we can get your container ready for your arrival.

How is the storage facility protected from fires or floods?

While 1800 We Store It takes great care to keep your items safe and secure, natural disasters are out of our control. To protect us and our clients from financial loss from natural disasters and fire, we maintain our comprehensive building and public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Are there restrictions on the hours during which I can move items in or out?

Yes. While you can access your storage as often as you need, we do not offer 24-hour access. However, you can access our facilities anytime during our regular business hours, from 9 AM to 3 PM, Monday to Friday.

Can I authorise someone else to access my unit?

Yes, if you need someone other than the account holder to access your storage, please organise this with 1800 We Store It beforehand, as this helps us ensure the security of your belongings.

What type of payment methods do self-storage facilities accept?

We accept most payment types, including cash, credit cards, AMEX, and direct debit. Use whatever payment method is most convenient for you.

What is Mobile Services Storage?

Mobile serviced storage is a convenient solution that combines traditional self-storage with a hassle-free service. We deliver a storage unit to your location, and our professional removalists expertly wrap and pack the unit for you. We then take the unit back to our facility for storage.

What is Onsite Self Storage?

Onsite Self-Storage is a storage solution where individuals or businesses have access to storage units at their own premises. Unlike traditional storage facilities where you transport your belongings to a separate facility, onsite self-storage brings the storage unit to your doorstep.