Avoiding Common Mistakes in Storage During Renovations

Posted on 6 April 2024 | 4 minute read

Modern Storage Techniques

Self-storage is an excellent solution for protecting valuable items from scratches, marks, and damage during an extensive renovation. However, inexperience can lead to storage mistakes that can cost you time and money and add to the stress you are trying to avoid. 

Check out these common storage mistakes and learn how to avoid them when planning your next home renovation.

Not Getting the Right-Sized Container

Storage is another expense eating into your renovation budget, so it’s natural to try and save money by getting as small of a unit as possible. 

However, a unit that isn’t large enough to hold everything you need will only add to your frustration. Trying to cram a lot into a storage unit that is too small will increase the risk of damage. 

Containers from 1800 We Store It offers the most affordable storage in Melbourne. Bumping up to the next size will cost just a few extra dollars a week, ensuring you have plenty of room to store your belongings safely. If you aren’t sure what size will work for you, visit our website for more information about container sizes and their capacity.

Not Arranging Insurance

Unless your home and contents insurance has a specific clause covering stored items, your items in storage will not be covered. If your provider does cover stored belongings, understand that making a claim could affect your premiums.

Storage facility owners are not liable for damage to your belongings while in storage. Extra coverage from a specialised storage insurance provider often makes the most economic sense, especially for short-term storage only required for a renovation. 

Store with peace of mind by talking to 1800 We Store It about your insurance options. We are not able to offer insurance directly, but we can recommend quality providers you can trust. 

Not Using High-Quality Packing Materials

We understand that wrapping and packing your items can be time-consuming and laborious, but it’s critical that you don’t skimp on this task. 

Use high-quality packing materials, such as bubble wrap, felt blankets, and towels, to prevent scratches and marks on your valuables. 

Boxes from Bunnings may be free, but they won’t protect your valuables from getting crushed. Good quality cardboard moving boxes won’t collapse while in storage. They will also be uniform in size for optimum stacking and making the most of your available storage space. 

You are already busy organising the renovation, so you may not have the time to cram packing and stacking boxes into an ever-expanding to-do list.  A self-storage service that wraps and packs your belongings for safe storage is a stress-free, convenient solution. 

Not Keeping a Record of Everything in Storage

Creating a detailed inventory of every item placed in storage seems like more of that busy work you could do without. However, the time you spend cataloguing everything can save you a lot of time when recovering your items.

Plus, when you wonder where the Nutribullet or coffee maker went, it’s much easier to check your records than to unpack and repack a storage container. 

Choosing the Wrong Type of Storage

Traditional storage units are great for a secure location for long-term storage, but they could be overkill for storing stuff during a renovation that will be over and done within two or three months. 

You will incur the extra cost and inconvenience of renting a ute, trailer, or truck to transport all your items. When the dust settles at home, you’ll have the fun task of organising the return of your belongings, which is time away from enjoying your new home. 

A portable storage container is an excellent storage solution for renovations. You can keep the container on-site for easy access or store it offsite if space is limited. Either solution means your storage container comes to you. 

Not Using 1800 We Store It for Your Renovation Storage Needs

1800 We Store It has helped hundreds of homeowners complete a home renovation with less stress and hassle. Our storage units come to you and are up to 50% cheaper than our competitors. 

We have a range of shipping container sizes available that are weather and rodent-proof and secure against theft, whether keeping the container on-site or at one of our storage depots around Melbourne. 

Call to find out more or get a quick quote to find out how convenient and affordable self-storage for renovations can be. 


Terry Davison