Benefits Of Portable Storage Units

Posted on 8 September 2023 | 3 minute read

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Benefits Of Portable Storage Units

Portable storage offers significant and wide ranging benefits when it comes to the budget requirements, storage capacity and accessibility needs of our customers.

The benefits of Portable self storage units are:

  • Convenience: Eliminates the need for customers to transport items to a facility.
  • Flexibility: Allows storage to be filled at the client’s pace, catering to those relocating, renovating, or decluttering.
  • Cost-Efficiency: No need for a moving truck or multiple trips to a storage location, potentially saving money.
  • Security: Once packed, the storage can be locked by the customer, maintaining the integrity of their items.
  • Accessibility: On-property storage grants clients easy access to their belongings.
  • Versatility: The storage units come in various sizes to match different needs.
  • Portable storage is typically cheaper and therefore, represents much better value than a traditional storage facility
  • The storage unit is delivered by truck and forklift or tow-truck to you, which saves you the time and trouble of renting your own truck, transporting your goods and double handling inventory into and then back out of a traditional storage space. This also mitigates the likelihood of goods being damaged in the double handling process.
  • As you are only loading your goods once and unloading them once, your storage requirements are met, and you are saving time and money, which allows you to get on with the business of life.
  • Portable storage gives customers much more flexibility over the length of their rental, and of course, access is unlimited if the unit is kept at their premises.
  • Customers can select the most appropriate storage service according to their specific needs. A Portable storage unit is delivered and:
  1. Once full, the unit is collected and housed at a secure storage facility for the duration of the storage requirements.
  2. You keep the unit at your premises with unlimited access until you are ready for it to be transported and unloaded at its final destination.
  3. By using a premium storage company, you can upgrade your service to a Portable serviced storage option. This means that you have experienced and professional removalists to pack, load and then unload and place your goods once your storage requirements are complete.
  • At a traditional storage facility, inevitably, you’ll encounter logistical issues like getting your goods into lifts, upstairs all while complying with business or access hours. With a Portable storage unit delivered directly to and kept onsite at your premises, you have unlimited access, all hours of the day.
  • With a versatility of Portable storage unit sizes, you can choose a size of storage space tailored to your specific requirements. You won’t be wasting money renting unfilled space, or find yourself committing to an additional storage unit at the eleventh hour when your final boxes or goods won’t fit.
  • Portable storage typically comes with a range of packing materials like boxes and tape to assist you pack and load. Premium storage companies will also provide felt furniture blankets and covers, and tie downs to secure your goods within the unit.

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