Best Mobile Storage Services in Melbourne

Posted on 19 July 2023 | 5 minute read

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1800 We Store It is one of Melbourne’s leading mobile storage companies, providing both mobile self-storage and mobile serviced storage solutions.

Mobile Self Storage: Take advantage of the convenience of a storage unit delivered to your home or business. Whether moving interstate, renovating, or simply needing extra space, our mobile self-storage units give you options. You can take your time to pack your items into the storage container securely. Once done, we will collect and transport the container to our secure storage facility.

Mobile Serviced Storage: This is the ultimate stress-free storage solution. The 1800 We Store It team are professional removalists and storage experts. They will handle all the heavy lifting, packing your items carefully into the storage container before transporting it to their storage facility. You can relax, knowing that all your belongings are safe and secure.

Regardless of the type of service you choose, 1800 We Store It provides a range of mobile storage boxes and containers with a solution that’s just right for you. Their mobile storage units are secure, clean, and weatherproof, ensuring your items are kept safe and pristine.

Standout Features of 1800 We Store It

1800 We Store It is committed to providing exceptional mobile storage services, making them the top choice among mobile storage companies in Melbourne. But what sets them apart from their competitors?

Variety of Container Sizes: Understanding that storage needs can vary greatly, 1800 We Store It offers different sizes of storage containers, from a warehouse pallet space to roomy, solid steel, secure 20ft mobile storage containers.

The variety of storage options ensures a suitable solution for every home or business needing to store household items or equipment. If you need more storage, 2 x 20ft containers from 1800 We Store It are a more flexible option than 40 foot storage units which require large trucks and cranes to maneuver.

Quality of Containers: Our mobile storage pods are purpose-built for secure storage. Containers 8ft and larger are weatherproof and sturdy, providing a safe and secure environment for your items. These portable storage units are functional and provide the extra space you need without compromising the safety of your belongings. We also provide a 6ft option which is built from wood and stored inside our secure warehouse.

Flexible Billing Structure: Not only are we more affordable than our competitors, we believe in providing a transparent, fair, and affordable service. You can use our short-term and long-term solutions with competitive storage prices without getting locked into lengthy contracts. Store your belongings for as short or as long as you like and enjoy the convenience of simple, straightforward billing.

Choosing 1800 We Store It means choosing a service that values flexibility, security, and affordability. It’s a seamless way to keep your things safe while giving you peace of mind.

Mobile Self Storage and Mobile Serviced Storage Pros

Choosing a storage solution often means deciding between cost, convenience, and level of service. At 1800 We Store It, you don’t need to compromise on any feature. Both Mobile Self Storage and Mobile Serviced Storage provide a wealth of advantages:
Mobile Self Storage

Mobile Self Storage:
  • Convenience: Mobile self-storage units provide the utmost convenience. The storage unit is delivered to your home or business, allowing you to load your items at your own pace. It’s the perfect solution for moving house or needing extra space.
  • Flexibility: With mobile storage hire for moving, you can control how and when your items are packed. It’s ideal for long-term storage or when your needs are likely to change.
Mobile Serviced Storage:
  • Full-service: If you prefer not to deal with the hassle of packing, mobile serviced storage is ideal. Let us do the heavy lifting. Our professional removalists handle everything from packing and loading to transporting.
  • Stress-free: Mobile storage hire for moving eliminates the stress and time involved in packing and moving, perfect for those with busy schedules or for large, complex moves.
  • Secure: Professionals handle and pack your items, ensuring they are safe during transport and storage.

1800 We Store It offers both services, so whether you’re moving or simply need to free up some space, they have a solution that suits your needs.

Get a Quote Today!

One of the many benefits of choosing 1800 We Store It is the ease and simplicity of obtaining a quote. Call for expert advice and straightforward quotes tailored to your specific requirements.
Follow these steps:

  • 1. Let Us Know Your Needs: Are you moving house or simply need extra space? Do you prefer a self-storage solution, or do you want professionals to do all the heavy lifting? Knowing your requirements will help in obtaining an accurate quote.
  • 2. Estimate Your Storage Size: Determine the amount of space you’ll need. From small storage boxes to large 20ft mobile storage containers, 1800 We Store It offers a variety of sizes.
  • 3. Contact 1800 We Store It: Contact them via their website or call them. Their friendly team will guide you through the process, answering any questions you may have.
  • 4. Receive Your Quote: Once they clearly understand your needs, they’ll provide you with a detailed and competitive quote.

Getting cheap prices for storage and removals couldn’t be simpler. We offer flexible, secure, and affordable storage for personal and business use. Whether you’re looking for short-term mobile storage or a long-term storage solution, we are committed to making your storage experience as stress-free as possible.

So, why wait? Contact 1800 We Store It today. Get a quick quote here, and let us handle your storage needs!