Everything You Need to Know Before Renting a Shipping Container for Storage in Melbourne

Posted on 19 July 2023 | 4 minute read

Shipping Container

Renting a shipping container in Melbourne is an excellent and flexible storage solution for both personal and business needs. Shipping container hire companies like 1800 We Store It offer a versatile service that is suitable for temporary storage, extra storage space, or moving your home or business,

Things to Know Before Renting a Shipping Container in Melbourne

Letting us know your requirements will ensure you rent a cheap shipping container that’s suitable for your storage needs. Here’s what you should know when considering your options.

Shipping Container Sizes

Our 6ft, 8ft and 10ft storage containers are ideal for household and office items, with enough capacity to hold 2 to 3 bedrooms worth of belongings. They have a small enough footprint to fit on most driveways and car parks. A 20ft container offers sample space for larger items or equipment.

Dimensions of our containers are as follows:

  • 6ft shipping container dimensions – 2.6m High x 2.4m Wide x 1.8m Long
  • 8ft shipping container dimensions – 2.4m High x 2.1m Wide x 2.3m Long
  • 10ft shipping container dimensions – 2.6m High x 2.4m Wide x 3.0m Long
  • 20ft shipping container dimensions – 2.6m High x 2.4m Wide x 6.0m Long

We cannot supply 40ft shipping containers, but we can offer multiple containers, such as 2 x 20ft containers, as a more flexible and less logistically challenging option.


1800 We Store It specialises in delivering the container to your location.

When planning for shipping container storage delivered to your site, consider access for the delivery truck and ensure there is sufficient space for placement and removal.

What Can and Can’t Be Stored?

Our Storage Containers provide a secure and durable solution for many items. From furniture and household items to business inventory, tools, and equipment.

However, certain items are not suitable for storage in a container. These include hazardous materials, chemicals, paints, perishable goods, illegal substances, and any items that may violate your hire agreement.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Shipping Container?

Prices for hiring a container will vary based on the size of the container and the rental period.

Costs and Payment Methods

Whether you are looking for long-term or short-term storage, shipping container hire is the most affordable alternative to buying. Our sturdy containers are available for less than $5.00 daily for the 8ft version to less than $9.00 daily for the 20ft version, with weekly or monthly payment terms depending on how long you need the storage.


A significant advantage of shipping container rental is the level of security it offers. Quality shipping containers are made of robust corten steel and come with heavy-duty locks. 1800 We Store It shipping containers also have additional security options like lockboxes.

Durability of Containers

Shipping containers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them a great choice for outdoor storage or use as moving shipping containers. Whether you hire a new or used container, you can trust that it will stand up to the Melbourne weather.

1800 We Store It: Why We are Best In Class

1800 We Store It is a prime example of a container storage company that knows how to deliver a quality service. They are well known for their competitive prices, with the storage company offering competitive rates without compromising on quality.

Whether you’re looking for a 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, or 20ft container, 1800 We Store It has a comprehensive range of shipping containers ready to hire. Their containers are suitable for use in a variety of settings and for a multitude of purposes.

In addition, they have the versatility to cater to both short and long-term storage requirements, which is a distinct advantage when needing to store your belongings securely for a renovation or a move across town.

Flexibility is the cornerstone of 1800 We Store Its business strategy. Unlike traditional self-storage, your storage solution arrives on your doorstep. You can choose to pack the containers yourself, keep them on the premises, or have the container transported to a storage facility with the latest security measures, such as round-the-clock CCTV monitoring.

The customer service team is ready to help you find a suitable shipping container storage Melbourne service tailored to your exact needs. They are experienced and consistently deliver the best shipping container hire at unbeatable prices.
Why We are Best In Class
Shipping container hire and storage services are available for rental throughout Melbourne, making them a convenient and reliable choice no matter where you are located. With their flexible shipping and delivery options and fantastic container hire rates, you can get your storage sorted quickly and affordably.

1800 We Store It makes it easy to get a shipping container for hire. Get a quick quote here and find out how affordable shipping container storage in Melbourne can be.