How to Set Up and Use a Shipping Container for Storage or Moving

Posted on 4 April 2023 | 4 minute read

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People love to collect all sorts of things such as clothes, souvenirs, furniture, toys, antiques, cars, among others. If you can relate, it’s likely that these items are scattered in your room, attic, garage, basement, or elsewhere in the house.

Regardless of how much space you have, there’s never enough to store everything. So, what happens to all the things that you wish to keep but don’t have space for? Over the past decade, renting a shipping container has become an increasingly popular solution. However many don’t know how to set up a shipping container for storage.

No worries though, when you use our service, our storage experts will work closely with you and walk you through the entire process. Here’s an overview of how it’s done.

Preparing the Site for Your Shipping Container

Before delivery, check and prepare the ground for your container. You want a compact and level piece of ground that’s accessible for our delivery truck. Our containers don’t necessarily require a concrete base to sit on but it’s an excellent option if available.

You also want supports at each of the four corners of the shipping container. All standard shipping containers for hire have a corner casting on the four base corners. See to it that the supports can bear the weight of the container as well as the weight of the items that you’ll store. Common supports include bricks, paving slabs and railway sleepers.

We recommend that the container is elevated slightly from the ground to make sure it’s not sitting in wet puddles and to allow airflow underneath. Lastly, ensure that there are no overhead obstructions like power lines or tree branches that may impede the lifting process.

If you have doubts or concerns, send us some photos or even a video of your location so we can understand the challenge and provide advice on ways around any potential issues.

Using a Shipping Container for Self Storage

Shipping containers are fantastic storage solutions. Whether you’re looking to use them at your residential remises or for commercial business, using containers is a convenient and cost-effective way to store just about anything.

Our shipping containers are extremely hardy because each one is custom-made from high-grade corrosion-resistant steel and can withstand extreme weather conditions and even fires, keeping your precious belongings or inventory safe and secure. They are also considered as portable self storage Melbourne units, which means they can be easily transported to any location, provided there’s access and enough space for our truck to maneuver.

Aside from keeping your items dry, shipping containers offer a level of security that eliminates any worries. Our containers are equipped with lockable heavy-duty doors to keep out unwanted guests, both pests and thieves. Moreover, they feature padlock protectors to provide added security, as they prevent tampering and deter the use of bolt cutters.
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Using a Shipping Container for Moving

Using our shipping container to move house or office is the easy and cost-efficient way to take the stress out of this undertaking which is dreaded by many.

Everyone knows moving is tedious, time consuming and can be expensive. After all, you’re organising all your belongings, packing them into boxes, loading them into a container, and then unloading them in a new location across the city or across the country, while hoping that nothing valuable gets damaged or lost in the process.

Using our shipping container for your move can make the process more bearable and less expensive. You will be able to save money because there’s no need to hire a moving truck as this is already part of our service. You’ll also have the benefit of packing at your leisure and then lock up your belongings in between packing sessions or until you’re ready to move.

For busy home and business owners, we offer professional packing and unpacking services, both of which are economical and stress-free ways to prepare for their planned relocation.
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Final Thoughts

Using a shipping container for storage or to move has become a popular and preferred choice among Melburnians because of the distinct advantages and benefits they offer. Shipping containers are an affordable way to store all kinds of goods or move to a new home. They offer flexibility with storage or moving. In fact, they can work both ways as they can double as mobile storage units, making them perfect for relocations.