Mobile Storage Pods: Flexible Solutions During Home Upgrades

Posted on 16 April 2024 | 4 minute read

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Does running across town with truckloads of items bound for a storage unit sound unappealing? Are you looking for a more flexible and affordable storage solution than the traditional storage unit at a fixed address? For decades, traditional storage units have been the go-to solution for home renovators needing to keep furniture and other belongings safe and out of the way during a renovation.

However, mobile storage pods are the new game in town, offering a more flexible, convenient, and cost-effective solution. Not only will you save on your storage costs, but the pods will also be delivered to your door. Learn more about our mobile storage pods and how they can make your next renovation go smoother. 

What are Mobile Storage Pods?

Mobile storage pods offer a more affordable, flexible arrangement than traditional storage units. The pods, or storage containers, are designed for easy transport and can be located anywhere you have room on your property, such as the driveway or backyard. 

Homeowners planning a renovation use the pods to keep their items safe while the work is underway. You won’t have to worry about expensive furniture getting scratched, marked or damaged by power tools or accidents.  

Renovations are just one reason to use mobile storage pods, but they are also excellent for decluttering, and businesses can use them to store excess inventory or seasonal items. 

Most mobile storage pods are made from reinforced steel, but timber versions are available for warehouse storage options. Depending on the size and quantity of items you need to store, the pods are available in 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, and 20ft versions, so there’s plenty of room for everyone. 

You fill the containers at your convenience or use professional removalist services. Once the container is full, you can leave it on your property for 24/7 access or remove it to a secure storage depot for later retrieval. 

Why Choose Mobile Storage Pods

Traditional storage units have long been the mainstay of the storage industry. However, renovations are difficult enough without transporting a truckload of items across town and doing the same again when the renovation is complete. Storage pods are the better option because you get the same amount of storage and security minus the hassle of renting a truck and doing a lot of heavy lifting. 

Storage Pod Features

When deciding between storage pods or traditional storage, having all the information will help you make the best decision. The following are the main considerations when choosing whether storage pods are right for you.

Size Options

Renovating a 4-bedroom home will require more storage than overhauling the kitchen. Consider how much storage space you need so you aren’t wasting money on excess space or risk not having enough. 1800 We Store It pods are available in 6ft timber containers or 8ft, 10ft, and 20ft steel containers. 

All shipping containers are transportable and come with forklift ties for easy manoeuvrability. Every customer receives felt blankets and tie-downs to keep items secure. You can also protect fragile products from damage with optional high-quality packing materials like bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, and wrapping paper.

Security Features

Timber pods are not weatherproof, so they are stored in warehouse storage, meaning your items are secured by around-the-clock monitoring, CCTV cameras, and sophisticated alarm systems. 

Steel containers are portable fortresses. Padlock boxes and high-quality padlocks ensure that your items are not easy pickings, whether the container is kept on your property or stored in a depot. 

Delivery and Pick-Up Options

Storage delivered to your door is a huge time saver for renovators and a much less stressful option. You call, we deliver, you pack, and we pick up. We can also leave the container with you and will pick it up at your convenience. Storage for renovations can’t get much simpler than that. 

Flexible Terms

Unlike most storage services that charge monthly, you don’t have to worry if your renovation needs to go into overtime. Terms are weekly, and all it takes to adjust your schedule is to pick up the phone and call. Of course, if you finish early, we are okay with that too.

1800 We Store It – Number one in Mobile Storage Pods

1800 We Store It has become Melbourne’s premier supplier of mobile storage solutions. With our storage depot covering the greater Melbourne and beyond, your storage solution is right around the corner. 

Mobile storage containers from 1800 are clean, secure, weatherproof, and rodent-proof, keeping your items as safe as houses. Contact us to learn how we can help you reduce the stress and hassle of a renovation. Our rates are up to 50% cheaper, so we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised about how affordable and convenient mobile storage can be.

Terry Davison