What You Need To Know While Packing Fragile Items

Posted on 9 March 2022 | 4 minute read

Girl Packing Fragile Items

Whether you are moving house or just planning to store some of your precious, fragile items, you know how important proper packing and moving are to ensure that your possessions stay in one piece. The last thing you want is to find that the items you decided to take with you to your new home or store because you wanted to keep them safe from your kids or your pets running around are broken because of poor packing and handling. 

To help you out, 1800 We Store It, your trusted furniture storage in Melbourne, shares some tips on how to pack fragile items safely: 

How to Pack Fragile Items

Start by Choosing Which Fragile Items You Really Need

You probably already know this, but it’s worth mentioning anyway. If you’re one of those people who tend to keep everything they own, it might be a good idea to go through your stuff before packing them. For instance, if you have more than enough wine glasses and plates than what you need, you might want to consider getting rid of them. 

You can sell them online or hold a garage sale. Alternatively, you can donate some of your stuff to local charities. The less fragile items you have, the easier the move will be. 

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools and Materials

You shouldn’t start packing your fragile possessions until you have completed the supplies you need. The things you are going to need for this task include: 

  • Different sizes of cardboard or fragile boxes
  • One to two metres of bubble wrap (you can get more if needed)
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Scissors

Prepare Your Packing Station

To make sure that you’re going to do the task right, you need to prep your packing station, too. Find a spacious surface enough for all your fragile items and the boxes you’re going to need. It should also be clean, dry, and flat. Keep all the materials and supplies that you need within reach so you can pack more efficiently. 

Plan How You’ll Pack

You don’t pack stuff randomly. You don’t just pick up items and stuff them into the first box you’ll find until it’s full and move on to the next. If you want to ensure that your items will reach their destination safely, you should plan how you’ll pack the items. For one, you need to determine the correct size of boxes for certain things. Then you decide which stuff goes together. If you have many fragile items to pack, it would be good to create a list of items that will go into each box so you won’t get confused. This can serve as the label after, too. 

Start Packing and Do It Right

Once you have everything sorted out, you can start packing. Wrap each item in packing paper first. You can use old newspapers or old documents that won’t be used anymore. After a layer or two of paper, you tape it down and then wrap it in a layer of bubble wrap. 

If you are packing wine glasses with stems, wrap the stems with bubble wrap before wrapping them in packing paper. 

If you are moving plates, make sure that you stack them sideways, as this helps plates absorb unavoidable shocks during transit. 

Finally, before you put the items in the fragile boxes, inspect the box for any signs of damage and secure it. Tape over the bottom, line it with bubble wrap or bathroom towels. Once you’ve added your fragile items, you need to ensure they’re secure by filling spaces with either bubble wrap or packing paper. The idea is to prevent movement, so there won’t be any breakage, too. 


Packing and moving fragile items take extra care. The safety of the things that will be moved starts with proper packing. By following the tips above, you can better ensure that your fragile possessions will safely get to your new home, office, or storage unit. Because of how tedious this task is, it’s a good idea to simply get a professional packing service from a reliable company. 

1800 We Store It offers reliable packing services in Melbourne. We are also one of the most trusted storage companies in the area that provides storage units for vehicles, furniture, and more. Contact us today to get a quick quote for the services that you need!


Tegan Distel