Real Homeowner Stories: Navigating Storage during Remodels

Posted on 4 April 2024 | 4 minute read

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Need to know where to go for the best self-storage during your renovation? We’ve helped hundreds of customers solve their storage challenges with our versatile, secure, and affordable storage options, but don’t take our word for it. Check out these testimonials from the customers who used our services to get their storage sorted while they revamped their homes.

Sarah T.

1800 We Store It was a godsend when our home was going through a major facelift. My family of four neede­d a secure spot for all of our 3 bedrooms and a kitchen’s worth of stuff. With no spare room in the house to get everything out from underfoot, we were worried about accidents and damage. 

Fortunately, our online search for storage led us to 1800 We Store It and their 20-foot container options. We’d never heard of container storage before then and were resigned to paying hundreds of dollars for a fixed unit.

Insurance didn’t come up during our search, but the friendly staff made sure to check that our items were covered. In the end, we got all of our items back safe and sound, but having the extra protection was great for peace of mind. If you’re renovating a small home like we were and need to get your furniture out of the way, we highly recommend 1800 We Store It and be sure to ask for their recommendations on insurance. 

Michael J.

We knew our furniture was going to be a problem in our home renovation if we didn’t get it out of the way. If you’ve ever gone through a kitchen and bathroom reno, you know your home can get crowded and chaotic. There’s dust, noise, and tradies all trying to work around you and each other. 

The potential for accidents and damage was a big concern, so we thought our best bet was to clear everything out. With no spare rooms, self-storage was our only option. On top of the cost of the renovation, the prices of most of the fixed units around Melbourne were way out of our budget.

Luckily, 1800 We Store It popped up in one of our searches. We weren’t super convinced that a storage container was a good idea, but the prices looked good, so we decided to check them out.

All we can say now is that they are a terrific option. The containers are mini fortresses, and we had no issues with one being dropped on our driveway, where we were told we could leave it until the renovation was done. It’s much more convenient than driving across town with a fully loaded ute or trailer that we would have had to rent, and our stuff was right outside if we ever needed it. 

Mark T.

Renovations are never easy, but getting your furniture out of the house while the magic happens can help. 

With 1800 We Store It, we couldn’t fit their largest container onto our property, but two 10-foot containers did the trick just as well. The best part is that the containers were delivered by 1800, and their packing and moving service took care of the heavy lifting. Thanks to 1800, our renovation went smoothly without a hitch. Highly recommended. 

Rachel C.

I can’t recommend 1800 We Store It enough to get your furniture through a renovation unscathed. If you don’t have a spare room to cram everything into, the storage containers from 1800 are the next best thing. They cost very little compared to other storage options around Melbourne. Unlike most other services, they supplied all the packing gear and even had felt blankets to protect the bigger pieces of furniture. 

Being in a unit complex meant we couldn’t store the container on-site like we wanted, but we didn’t have to. We filled it, and 1800 came around the next day to pick it up and take it away.  When the renovation is complete, all we have to do is call to have the container delivered. Not only is it the cheapest storage option we came across, but it’s also super convenient. 

Terry Davison