What You Should Do Before Placing Your Belongings in Storage

Posted on 30 November 2021 | 3 minute read


Self-storage is the perfect storage solution for a variety of situations. Whether you’re off to travel the world, university, or you’re considering living a more minimalist life, putting your things in storage is a great way to declutter and not feel overwhelmed by your belongings. 

But using storage is not as straightforward as you think, and you need to do a bit of strategising to maximise your storage unit’s space. With that said, if you’re thinking of putting your things into storage, keep reading. 

In this article, we’ll share with you some need-to-know tips about how to fix everything before you put them into storage. See what works for you and utilise the space that you have to store things efficiently!

Tip #1: Create a Storage Plan

Many don’t realise how many items you’ve accumulated until it’s time to move and declutter. Sure, the mountain of items can feel pretty overwhelming; that’s why you must create a plan to help organise and declutter. A simple sorting strategy of dividing what you need and don’t need can help you get started.

Besides having a plan, you also need to have a solid goal to declutter effectively. If you want to eliminate 60 percent of your items, then be disciplined about your process. This way, you’ll get to hit that goal and free space. 

Tip #2: Don’t Overpack Your Boxes

While it can be tempting to stuff everything in one box, it’s best that you don’t, especially when you think that you’ll be needing some of the items in there in the future. Instead of cramming everything in a box, pack smarter and categorise each item by function, room, or how often you’ll need them. 

Tip #3: Label Your Boxes and Take Notes

It’s extremely important to label your boxes, especially when you know that you’ll regularly access these things. So with that, help your future self by labelling each box and have a notebook with you that has a list of the items in the box. By doing so, you won’t spend hours packing and unpacking, just finding a certain item. 

Having labelled boxes and an inventory can help you sort through your items without opening up boxes to look for stuff. Doing this will help you save so much time and energy and keep your storage unit efficient and organised.

The Bottom Line: These Three Tips Will Boost Your Storage Efficiency

When it comes to storing items in self-storage, you must strategise your organisation plan and ensure that everything is sorted, labelled and itemised in your inventory. By doing this, you’ll get to efficiently pack everything and ensure that you have and you’ll find what you need when you need them.

Of course, a smart move is to rent a storage unit from a credible storage company, so you get the assistance, security, and space you require to keep your items safe and protected. 

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