Best Portable Storage Containers & Units Melbourne

Posted on 19 January 2023 | 4 minute read

Best Portable Storage Containers

Best Portable Storage Containers & Storage Units Melbourne

A portable storage container is a time and money-saving solution for all of your storage needs. It gives you the space you need without the hassles associated with traditional self-storage facilities. Instead of hiring removalists and paying thousands of dollars to pack up your belongings and haul them across town, you can simply rent a portable storage container that’s custom built to keep your valuable items safe and secure.

Features of the Best Portable Storage Containers

When you need a portable storage solution, you want one that can meet the requirements of your unique situation. Here are the essential features that you should look for when shopping around for a portable storage container:

  • Weather-Resistant – Storage containers should be designed to keep their contents safe from the elements. They must also be dust and vermin proof with vents to increase airflow and minimise moisture buildup to prevent the growth of mould and mildew.
  • Durable – When looking for the best portable storage units, you’ll want to find the ones that are built from the highest-grade steel with galvanized paint and thick wall panels. This way you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the contents within are protected
  • Value for Money – Cost is always a crucial factor when deciding on a storage solution. Portable storage units are often cheaper and represent much better value than a traditional storage facility.  The best providers of storage units will offer a range of sized units, so you really get value for money.

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Benefits of Renting Portable Storage Containers

Aside from saving you a great deal of money, using a portable storage container offers a number of benefits, including:

  • A Flexible Timeframe – You don’t have to follow the schedule of a moving company, which often gives you a limited window to move your items into storage.
  • A Stress-Free Option – Instead of renting a truck and driving across the city or worrying how to get a massive moving truck to fit in your driveway, portable storage containers are delivered straight to your home or office.
  • A Versatile Storage Solution – The best portable storage units can be used for a variety of applications such as during home renovations to accommodate all of the furniture, appliances and other items that you need to keep safely out of the way.

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Choosing the Right-Sized Portable Storage Container

Size matters when it comes to portable storage containers. You need to think about the capacity in terms of cubic meters. Make a list of the items you intend to store to determine the right size to rent. Here is a useful guide to estimate the size and capacity of the container that you’ll need:

  • A 6 foot container has a capacity of 10 cubic metres. It holds the equivalent of a standard 2 bedroom home.
  • A 8 foot container has a capacity of 12 cubic metres. It holds the equivalent of a standard 2.5 bedroom home.
  • A 10 foot container has a capacity of 19 cubic metres. It holds the equivalent of a standard 3 bedroom home.
  • A 20 foot container has a capacity of 38 cubic metres. It holds the equivalent of a standard 3-4 bedroom home.

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