Customer Reviews: Best Vehicle Storage Facilities:

Posted on 20 February 2024 | 4 minute read

Vehicle Storage for car

Valerie K.

I’ve just picked up my car from 1800 We Store It after an extended overseas trip and I must say that the service was superb. The team provided excellent support and were always ready to help. Compared to other vehicle storage services in my area, the cost was phenomenal and saved me quite a bit while still giving me peace of mind that my vehicle was in good hands. If you need a safe place to store your car while abroad, I can wholeheartedly recommend 1800 We Store It. 

John M.

I knew I would need somewhere to store stuff out of the way when renovating my kitchen, but after paying for the reno, I needed an affordable solution that wouldn’t break the bank. Fortunately, I found 1800 We Store It online, and I couldn’t be happier that I did. Not only did they help with storage, but their team helped pack it all away. I couldn’t keep the container on-site, so the 1800 Store It pick-up and delivery service was a huge timesaver. Now all I need to do is call them when the reno is done to have my items returned. 

Sam D.

My husband and I spend a few months on the road every year, traveling Australia in our RV. Our permanent home is in a unit complex, so there’s nowhere for us to keep our RV while we’re not out and about. 1800 We Store It gives us a reasonable price and the peace of mind that our precious RV will be in good condition when we’re ready to travel again. Not only that, they don’t have long-term contracts. We aren’t forced to pay for storage we’re not using just to get a cheaper rate. As far as we can tell, 1800 already gives the best prices around. 

Daniel S. 

I love how smooth it is to get warehouse storage at 1800 We Store It whenever you need it. The team is professional and quick to get back to me with a quote that blew the competition out of the water. As a busy small business and cafe owner, having the container dropped off and taken away is a great timesaver. Renting a truck and loading everything myself whenever I booked a big event was a pain. Thanks to 1800, I save time and money.

Michael F. 

My other car is a Mustang, but it’s not my regular ride, so I only take it out on the weekends. As an inner-city apartment dweller, I had to choose between keeping my Kia on the road and the Mustang in the underground parking or vice versa, which isn’t practical, safe, or cheap. 1800 We Store It keeps my pride and joy secure at a price that won’t break the bank. I need to call to arrange pickup, but it’s a small price to pay for the extra security.

Jordan N. 

I recently had an elderly parent pass away and was left with a small house full of stuff to sort through. Work commitments meant I couldn’t deal with it right away, and nor did I have the time to haul it all away myself. Thankfully, I didn’t have to deal with 1800 We Store It on the case. One quick phone call was all it took to arrange for the delivery of their biggest container, which had more than enough room to pack everything. They supplied everything I needed, helped me pack and load the container, and then drove it away to keep it at their depot. I don’t have to rush because their rates are so cheap, and they will even deliver the container back to my property whenever I’m ready. 

Mary A. 

My recent e­xperience with 1800 We­ Store It’s 3PL warehousing was great. The­ team is professional and supportive, and their security is more than adequate for our surplus items. The­ir service made storing and re­trieving excess inve­ntory a breeze. We have to time our pickup with their business hours, but the delivery service more than makes up for it, and it’s a lot better than hiring a ute and doing it ourselves. The­ team’s quick response de­serves credit. If you want de­pendable, professional 3PL ware­housing, you owe it to yourself to try 1800 We Store It. Highly recommended. 

Tammy P.

I chose 1800 We Store It for the­ir decluttering service­. I am extremely ple­ased with the expe­rience. They re­moved a lot of excess junk from our property, and it’s ne­ver looked so good. If you nee­d fast and easy junk removal, go for them. The­ team was very efficie­nt and we’re finally ready to list our old house for sale. 


Terry Davison