Cost of Vehicle Storage

Posted on 7 March 2024 | 4 minute read


Most people will consider the price when searching for a safe, reliable, secure vehicle storage option. Understanding what vehicle storage will cost is critical to getting all the features you need to give you peace of mind. In this article, we help you compare all your options to get the best car storage at a price you can afford. 

Vehicle Size

The dimensions of your vehicle will play a role in your storage costs. For example, a jet ski will require less space than a large RV, so the prices for storing each vehicle will vary significantly. Here’s a quick rundown of our Melbourne vehicle storage facilities’ vehicle types and storage sizes. 

Vehicle Type Maximum Dimensions (Height x Width x Length) Storage Options
Car 2.59m x 2.33m x 5.8m Standard, sport, and luxury storage options, including custom-built steel shipping containers
Motorbike 1.3m x 1.16m x 2.33m Standard, sport, luxury motorbike storage in a custom-built motorbike storage showroom or premium storage option
Jet Ski 1.3m x 1.15m x 3.49m Standard, sport, and luxury jet ski indoor storage
Boat 2.59m x 2.33m x 5.8m Standard, sport, and luxury boat storage in custom-built steel storage units, warehouse bays, or outdoor storage
Caravan 2.59m x 2.33m x 5.8m Standard, sport, and luxury caravan storage in custom steel storage units or outdoor storage
Trailer 2.59m x 2.33m x 5.8m Standard, boat, and jet ski trailer storage in custom steel storage units, warehouse bays, or outdoor storage

Remember, if your vehicle is larger than our container sizes accommodate, you will still have the option for secure outdoor storage. Get in touch, and one of our friendly staff will happily answer any questions. 

Type of Vehicle

Different types of vehicles will have different storage options. Larger vehicles require more space and will cost a little more per week. However, a large caravan or RV may not fit our container dimensions but can still be accommodated with our outdoor storage bays. 

Exposure to the elements could also be a consideration. For example, people who own vintage or classic cars may require extra protection from the elements. At the same time, caravans are better designed to handle the elements.

Secure Car Storage

Security will be a priority when storing anything of value, such as a vehicle worth tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Container storage at 1800 We Store provides an affordable yet premium solution. Not only is your vehicle safely ensconced behind reinforced steel walls, but high-quality padlocks and welded padlock boxes keep your vehicle safe.

Our 24/7 CCTV surveillance, latest security systems, and gated entry will give you even more peace of mind that your vehicle is in good hands and closely monitored at all times, whether in container storage or one of our outdoor lots.  

Insurance Considerations

While a good vehicle storage provider will take great care of your vehicle, they have no control over natural disasters like fire and flooding. In these cases, storage insurance is an excellent option to protect you against financial loss or provide you with the funds for restoration.  

While 1800 We Store It does not provide insurance directly, we understand that it’s a necessary precaution for many of our customers. This is why we only recommend the best third party insurance provider for vehicle storage in Melbourne. 

Where to Get the Cheapest Vehicle Storage in Melbourne

If the cost of vehicle storage is a high priority for you, but you don’t want to compromise on quality, then 1800 We Store It is ready to provide. With rates starting as low as $2.00 a day and 50% cheaper than the competition, we are Melbourne residents’ go-to budget-friendly vehicle storage solution. 

Whether you require storage for your regular ride, a safe place for your pride and joy, or somewhere to keep your RV until the next holiday season, we have vehicle storage facilities to suit every situation. We offer customised pickup and dropoff services for even more convenience, so call for a quick quote and get your vehicle storage sorted out today. 

Terry Davison