Security Measures for Stored Vehicles

Posted on 3 March 2024 | 4 minute read

Vehicle going into Storage

Whether you are planning a long-awaited vacation, temporarily relocating for work, or need somewhere safe to store your vehicle when not in use, ensuring it is secure will be a top priority. Knowing your car is in safe hands will give you the peace of mind that it’s safe from theft, vandalism, or damage from the elements. Fortunately, you can keep a vehicle out of harm’s way until you can use it again. 

In this article, we tell you how to choose the best vehicle storage facility and the things you should do to ensure you can drive away when retaking possession of your ride after you have been away. 

Physical Security Measures

Secure car storage in Melbourne is an excellent option for keeping your vehicle safe while you take care of business. Knowing your vehicle is physically secure will give you peace of mind until it’s safe return. 

An excellent physical security measure offered by 1800 We Store It is their steel shipping containers. These containers provide extra layers of security for several reasons. They are made from reinforced steel, which makes them impenetrable. They also come with heavy-duty padlocks and a secure padlock box, making tampering extremely difficult. 

Another advantage of shipping container vehicle storage is it keeps your vehicle hidden from prying eyes. Thieves who don’t know what’s in the box are less likely to make an effort when they don’t know the reward.

Round-The-Clock Surveillance

A facility that offers 24/7 surveillance of all vehicles in their care is essential. Surveillance is a significant deterrent against thieves who might target your vehicle, as they are much less likely to attempt entry to the facilities. 

Sophisticated alarm systems with 24-hour monitoring are another essential security measure you should check for when selecting a vehicle storage solution. Alarm systems are more than a deterrent, as they also ensure prompt action from roaming security guards and police whenever they are triggered. 


Insurance is another security measure that safeguards the monetary value of your vehicle should the worst happen. It’s suitable for prestige vehicles or classic cars, representing a significant investment in time and money. While 1800 We Store It is not currently offering in-house insurance, we have partnered with a trusted provider we are happy to recommend to all our clients should they need it. 

Secure Transportation

A door-to-door transport service saves you from the hassle of driving your car to the storage service, preparing it for storage, and arranging a lift back home. Pickup services allow you to prepare your vehicle for storage at your convenience and without needing to call an Uber after dropping it off. 1800 We Store It’s customised shipping containers are water, dust, and vermin-proof and include secure padlock protection and protective covers. These features combine to ensure your wheels remain pristine while in storage. 

Preventive Maintenance: Ensuring Your Vehicle’s Well-being

Before storing your vehicle, a few simple maintenance tasks will help to maintain its condition while stationary. Start by inspecting the tires for any signs of wear or damage. Inflate them to the recommended pressure level and apply a tire sealant to prevent flat spots from forming during storage.

Next, pay attention to the fluids in your vehicle. Changing the oil and filter before storing it for an extended period is advisable. Fresh oil will help protect internal components from corrosion and ensure a smooth start once you retrieve your vehicle.

Lubrication is another critical aspect that will need attention before long-term storage. Apply grease or lubricants strategically on exposed metal parts such as hinges, locks, and suspension components to prevent rust from taking hold. 

One component that often suffers during periods of non-use is the battery. If you are considering long-term storage, remove the battery and attach it to a battery maintainer or trickle charger designed for this scenario. These devices provide a low-level charge that keeps the battery healthy without overcharging it.

By carrying out these simple yet essential preventive maintenance procedures before storing your vehicle, you can minimise potential issues and ensure optimal performance when you’re ready to hit the road again.

Keep Your Safe and Secure with 1800 We Store It

1800 We Store It has kept Melbourne residents’ belongings safe for over 20 years. Our services give you access to secure containers, monitored surveillance, and sophisticated alarm systems. Take advantage of our pickup and drop-off service to make your vehicle storage even more convenient. Unlike our competitors, our vehicle storage is affordable even without long-term contracts. So, if you’re ready to keep your vehicle secure without all the hassle, get in touch for a quick quote today. 


Terry Davison