Durability and Protection in Mobile Storage Containers

Posted on 7 December 2023 | 5 minute read

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When storing valuable possessions, you want nothing but the best. Whether moving to a new home, renovating your space, or simply decluttering, a reliable storage solution is paramount. Mobile storage containers offer residents and businesses a flexible and handy way to store stuff, using convenient but sturdy containers that can be delivered where needed.

Imagine knowing that your valuable, sometimes irreplaceable, belongings are shielded from the elements, secure from unauthorised access, and protected against potential damage. You can confidently store your possessions with durable and well-protected mobile storage containers.

Discover flexibility and accessibility with mobile storage here.

What is Mobile Storage?

Mobile storage containers, also known as portable storage units, are large, weatherproof containers designed to store and transport various items securely. These storage bins, built from tough steel and available in multiple sizes, cater to diverse storage demands. 

Key Features and Components

  1. Construction: Mobile storage containers use sturdy materials to ensure durability and protection. These containers are built tough, ready to take on all kinds of weather and keep your stuff safe and sound.

  2. Size Options: Mobile storage containers come in various sizes to accommodate different storage requirements. You’ll find mobile storage containers in sizes like 6-foot, 8-foot, 10-foot, and even massive 20-foot units – perfect for tucking away everything from your furniture and appliances to documents and personal items.

  3. Accessibility: Mobile storage containers have large doors that allow easy access for loading and unloading items.

  4. Security Features: To ensure the safety of stored items, 1800 We Store It mobile storage containers arrive with robust security features. To keep stored stuff safe, you can rely on tamper-proof locks and the latest security systems to prevent unauthorised entry.

  5. Mobility: As the name suggests, mobile storage containers are designed for easy transportation, with features like forklift pockets for easy maneuvering onto trucks.

The Importance of Durability and Protection

When selecting a mobile storage solution, durability is more than a desired trait; it’s essential for your peace of mind, knowing that your stored items are safe from theft and protected against the elements. 

Because mobile storage containers are built to handle life outside, you can be sure that 1800 We Store It’s containers can protect your stuff from the often unpredictable Melbourne weather. 

Your storage needs may stretch to a long-term solution, so a capable storage unit is even more desirable. You want to know that even after months of storage, your items will be in the same condition as you left them. 

A mobile storage solution often means your belongings will spend some time in transit, travelling along bumpy roads and getting moved by forklifts. Whether across town or state lines, protecting your items while in transit is critical to ensuring your items remain in pristine condition. 

1800 We Store It containers are designed to provide secure storage space even during transit from one location to another. Every container is supplied with tie-downs to minimise movement during transit and felt blankets to protect delicate surfaces from marks and scratches when loading and unloading. 

We also understand the importance of high-quality packing materials, so ask about packing boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap when organising your storage. Our packing materials offer an extra layer of protection for fragile items like glassware. We also provide a professional packing service so you can take advantage of our years of experience keeping our customer’s belongings safe and secure. 

Stories of Satisfied Customers

Don’t just take our word for it – hear from real customers who have experienced the exceptional durability and protection provided by 1800 We Store It mobile storage containers. These testimonials highlight the peace of mind and satisfaction of choosing a reliable storage solution.

  1. “After moving back in with my parents, I needed a short-term solution for my 2-bedroom apartment and booked a mobile storage unit. 1800 We Store It packed everything into boxes for me, loaded and transported everything back to their facility without any stress. Thank you for making my transition so much easier!” – Sarah T.

  2. “We needed to store half of our house while we renovated. 1800 We Store It transported a Mobile Storage Unit to our property, which gave us much-needed extra space, extremely convenient, and great rates!” – Ben and Jill H.

  3. “The best thing about 1800 We Store It was that they delivered the Mobile Unit to my house, we packed it ourselves, and then they transported it back to their facility for storage.” – Jen and Dave N.

Mobile Storage Durability and Protection FAQ

What are the benefits of using mobile storage containers?

Mobile storage containers offer convenience, flexibility, and security. They provide a storage solution that can be moved to different locations as needed, and they are designed to keep your items safe and secure during transportation or while being stored on-site.

How durable are portable storage units?

Portable storage units are built to withstand all weather conditions and are constructed with durable materials that keep your belongings high and dry through every season. 

Can I use a mobile storage container for long-term storage rental?

Yes, mobile storage containers are suitable for long-term storage rental. We are flexible with our rental terms and don’t lock our valuable clients into unfair long-term contracts. 

How do I ensure the secure storage of my items in a container storage unit?

To ensure secure storage, it’s essential to use a secure storage facility or provider that offers reliable locking mechanisms, sturdy construction, and other security features, such as CCTV surveillance. Additionally, you should pack and load your items carefully with additional materials or use a professional service with years of experience packing and storing items to prevent damage.

Are 1800 We Store It mobile storage containers suitable for high-value items?

Yes, 1800 We Store It mobile storage containers are suitable for high-value items due to their durable construction and enhanced security features.

Terry Davison