Indoor vs. Outdoor Vehicle Storage: Pros & Cons

Posted on 22 February 2024 | 6 minute read

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Deciding on the perfect spot to store your vehicles is critical to your peace of mind. If you’re a car enthusiast searching for a secure location for your classic muscle car or reliable vehicle storage for your everyday wheels while on holiday, choosing between indoor and outdoor storage can keep you guessing. 

This article explores all the pros and cons of indoor versus outdoor vehicle storage so you’ll know what version will work best for you. 


Cheapest does not always win, but your budget is still important, so you will likely be considering the cost factor when choosing a vehicle storage option. 

Indoor vehicle storage is generally more expensive than outdoor car storage. Other factors that will affect indoor storage prices include the unit’s size, location, level of security, and other included features, such as climate control. 

Indoor storage is the best choice for long-term storage, especially if your vehicle is a classic with time and money invested or a more expensive model where you don’t want your investment exposed to the elements.

Outdoor storage prices are an excellent way to keep your car secure for much cheaper than indoor storage. It’s a great option if you only require secure storage for a week or two while travelling. 


An indoor vehicle storage unit generally gives you better access to your vehicle than an outdoor storage unit. An indoor facility will typically offer drive-up storage units, making it much easier to park and access your car whenever needed. 

Outdoor storage providers are often less convenient than indoor storage as they may not offer drive-up storage units, so you may not be able to arrive at any time to access your car. Of course, you can access your vehicle whenever you like, but you may need to call ahead to organise a time. If your vehicle is stored outside, check for extra perks like shaded parking spots that offer protection from the sun and birds flying overhead.


Indoor vehicle storage provides more robust protection and security than outdoor storage. Inside, you’ll find storage facilities with high-tech safety features such as CCTV for around-the-clock surveillance, alarm systems, and personal units secured with locks. In short, indoor car storage creates an extra obstacle against thieves and vandals.

Outdoor vehicle storage can be less secure than indoor storage, but it can still be a great option with security cameras and alarm systems protecting the premises. Stashing your car in an outdoor storage facility keeps it safe from the prying eyes of thieves and vandals, but can also be one of your most affordable options if your budget is an issue for long-term storage.

Protection from Melbourne Weather

Melbourne is famous for its unpredictable weather. Intense UV rays from the sun can lead to fading paint and prematurely age the plastics and rubber components on the interior or exterior of your vehicle.

If you have lived in Melbourne for any time, you already know about the excessive damage the infrequent hailstorms can cause to property and exposed vehicles. Indoor car storage will protect all vehicle elements, such as bumpers, seals, trim, panels, and paintwork, from UV and hail damage.

 Types of Vehicle Storage at 1800 We Store It

1800 We Store It offers a variety of vehicle storage options to cater to different needs. Whether you have a car, motorbike, jet ski, boat, caravan, or trailer, we have the right solution for you.

For car storage, we provide standard, sport, and luxury storage options. Our custom-built steel storage units are designed to accommodate vehicles of various sizes, with dimensions of up to 2.59m in height, 2.33m in width, and 5.8m in length. These units are water, dust, and vermin-proof, ensuring the utmost protection for your vehicle. We also offer protective covers, materials, and moisture absorption packs if needed.

Motorbike storage is available in both standard and luxury options. You can choose to store your motorbike in our custom-built motorbike storage showroom or opt for our premium storage service, which provides you with a personal storage bay. The storage space for motorbikes is approximately 1.3m in height, 1.15m in width, and 3.49m in length.

If you have a jet ski and need somewhere to stash it during the week, you can use our standard, sport, and luxury indoor storage options. Each bay for jet ski storage is approximately 1.3m in height, 1.16m in width, and 3.49m in length. 

We have standard, sport, and luxury options for boat storage. You can store your boat in our custom-built steel storage units, warehouse bays, or opt for outdoor storage. The maximum dimensions we can accommodate in a private storage unit are 2.59m in height, 2.4m in width, and 5.8m in length.

Caravan storage is also available in custom steel storage units or outdoor storage if you prefer. We can accommodate caravans with dimensions of up to 2.59m in height, 2.4m in width, and 5.8m in length. 

Every vehicle storage option comes with padlock protectors, protective covers and materials, and moisture absorber packs to ensure the safety and preservation of your vehicles at all times. 

Vehicle Storage the 1800 We Store It Way

When you need affordable vehicle storage but are worried about protection from the elements and security measures, 1800 We Store It’s car storage options can give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. 

With our container storage services, your pride and joy is locked up tight and protected against the Melbourne weather. Other conveniences you will appreciate include a pickup and delivery service that removes all the hassle of vehicle storage at traditional storage depots. 

Once your car is safely stored and locked down in the storage container, we will transport it to our nearest storage depot. Our CCTV camera surveillance equipment watches over all the vehicles in our care, and sophisticated alarm systems protect our properties against undesirable elements.

Shipping containers made from reinforced steel also provide a formidable barrier to unauthorised access. The containers are also water, dust, and vermin-proof, so you can be sure your vehicle will be returned to you in the same pristine condition.


Terry Davison