Mobile Storage – Things To Be Aware Of

Posted on 2 December 2022 | 3 minute read


Mobile Storage – Things to be aware of

Packing up an entire home, office, shop or warehouse for storage is an incredibly complex and stressful logistical undertaking. Each customer has their own unique budgetary, storage capacity and accessibility needs. Therefore, there are many considerations to be mindful of when choosing the right mobile storage provider.

Below is a checklist of considerations customers should investigate to ensure that the packing and storage process is as seamless and stress free as possible.

  • Does the mobile storage company provide steel or wooden units? Steel units are 100% secure, ensuring that your goods are protected from vermin and inclement weather. Wooden storage units don’t provide these important protections.
  • Do you need to keep your storage unit onsite? If so, steel units are highly recommended, as wooden units are easily broken into, and aren’t secure. Mobile storage industry leaders supplement their security measures by providing steel padlock protectors, rendering them virtually impossible to break into.
  • Do the storage units have inbuilt features to keep your goods secure within the unit while in storage or transit? Industry leaders provide custom engineered units with tie rails along the ceiling and sides to ensure that your goods can remain in place while in transit or storage.
  • Does the mobile storage provider supply furniture protection? Premium service providers in the mobile storage industry provide complimentary felt furniture blankets and protective covers to protect your goods from being damaged.
  • Does the mobile storage provider have proven and reputable industry experience? It is worth taking the time to read their customer reviews and testimonials.
  • If the mobile storage unit is transported to a provider’s storage facility while a customer’s storage needs are met, is the facility 100% secure and monitored by CCTV and alarm systems?
  • Are goods covered by insurance? Does the service provider offer insurance? If goods are damaged, does the service provider take responsibility and reimburse you?
  • Does the mobile storage company provide a premium end to end service, with experienced, professional removalists who can pack, load and unpack your goods for you?

A mobile storage company with the ability to meet these requirements is ideal, especially when they’re entrusted with your prized possessions. Discussing your needs with a mobile storage provider, as well as compiling a list of pros and cons and obtaining 3 quotes will ensure that customers select the right provider for them. The cheapest option is not necessarily always the best, when quality of service and security is concerned.

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