Storing Motorcycles and Bikes: Space-Saving Solutions

Posted on 18 February 2024 | 5 minute read

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Storing motorcycles and bikes that will remain stationary and unused for some time takes preparation. Not doing so will make your precious ride vulnerable to wear and damage from the elements. A professional storage service like 1800 We Store It offers a secure, weather-proof environment that safeguards your bike until you are ready to ride again. Whether you are using a professional motorbike storage service or keeping your bike in the garage for an extended period, this guide will show you how to prepare your bike to ensure it’s ready to go as soon as you are. 

Why Choose Motorbike Storage Facilities

There are plenty of reasons why you would need to store your motorcycle in a professional storage facility. Weekend riders who live in apartment blocks can have a secure and affordable location to store a motorbike out of the way. Tourists and business travellers often need secure locations to store their vehicles while away on extended trips. 

Garage and sheds may not always provide a pest-free or safe place to store high-value items like motorbikes. A professional storage facility offers a secure, controlled environment that will protect your bike from pests and give you peace of mind that it’s secure. 

Prepare Motorbikes and Bikes for Long Term Storage

Preparing your motorbike for storage will help maintain its condition so it’s ready for use after you retake possession. Use these tips to get your bike ready.

Clean the bike: Thoroughly cleaning your bike before storage will remove dirt, bugs, and contaminants that will degrade materials and surfaces over time if they are left. Use a quality automotive cleaner and pay attention to all the nooks and crannies, such as under the engine, suspension, and the fuel area. Drying the motorcycle after cleaning will wipe away any excess fluids, and a wax polish will add an additional layer of protection. 

Protect against pests: A motorbike is full of areas a rodent can use for protection, including exhaust pipes, carburettors, and under seats. You will deny them access by blocking air intake and exhaust openings with plastic bags. A few strategically placed mothballs are also an excellent deterrent to stop rodents from making a nest in your bike. 

Prepare the fuel tank: Petrol breaks down and evaporates over time, and moisture can condense with temperature changes, potentially impacting the fuel system. Keep your bike’s fuel tank as full as possible to prevent condensation, and include a fuel stabiliser to ensure the fuel remains usable. Running the bike for a few minutes will ensure the additive is spread throughout the entire fuel system. 

Change the fluids: Check the engine oil, brake fluid, and coolant and change or top up as necessary. Dirty fluids can cause a bike to malfunction or not start at all. Always use quality products and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Cover the bike: A good quality cover will prevent dust build-up and moisture while in storage. 

Prepare the battery: Properly storing a bike’s battery will ensure it carries enough juice to start the bike when you are ready to ride again. A bike in long-term storage should have the battery removed and attached to a battery conditioner or trickle charge system. Placing the battery in a warm location is advisable if the bike is stored during cold weather. Checking the battery before placing it back into the motorcycle will guarantee you aren’t stuck with a bike that won’t start when you go to collect it. 

Take care of the tires: Tires are porous and will lose air while in storage, which can lead to flat spots. Elevate the motorcycle to keep the tires off the surface. If you can’t elevate the tires, try increasing the pressure to the recommended maximum and periodically rotating the tires to distribute pressure evenly. 

Regular maintenance: Check the bike over when picking it up, including checking the battery voltage, fluid levels, tire pressure, and the state of the tires. Listen for unusual sounds after starting it.

Ensuring Your Motorcycle’s Longevity

As motorbike enthusiasts, we understand why storing your prized ride properly is important for keeping it running smoothly and looking sharp. Whether it’s a short hiatus or an extended period, preparing a motorcycle for storage is essential in safeguarding its condition.

Caring for your bike involves more than just cleaning and polishing; it also means looking after its internals and keeping those tires ready for when it’s time to hit the road again.

At 1800 We Store It, we provide affordable, convenient storage solutions that keep your bike safe and in tip-top condition. Your bike will be tucked away in one of our secure containers, customised to keep it in the same state as you left it. Each container comes with tie-down straps and quality covers, and we can pick up and deliver for even more convenience. 

For more information on our professional motorbike storage services, contact us for a quick quote at 1800 We Store It and discover how easy, affordable, and convenient motorbike storage can be.


Terry Davison