Mobile Storage Security Protocols: Are Shipping Containers Secure?

Posted on 3 December 2023 | 4 minute read

Benefits of Shipping Containers

Nobody wants to worry if their belongings are secure while using a mobile storage solution. Whether you use storage for the short term or plan on using it for longer, your peace of mind is essential. Portable storage uses shipping containers to keep your belongings out of the elements, but are shipping containers secure, and how well protected will your valuables be? 

1800 We Store It prides itself on supplying its customers with safe, secure storage. Here’s a quick rundown on what we do to ensure the security of our items during their time in our high-quality shipping containers. 

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Are Shipping Containers Secure? What are The Risks?

Every storage method has associated risks worth considering, and identifying and understanding these risks will help you get the most out of your storage service. The most common risks include theft, unauthorised access, and item damage. 

Stored items are vulnerable to theft or damage during transit, which can lead to financial loss and emotional distress. In the case of business document storage, there is also the risk of sensitive or confidential data getting exposed, leading to legal repercussions. 

It is critical to address these risks with appropriate physical, technological, and operational security protocols that will safeguard your belongings and give you peace of mind. 1800 We Store It uses a variety of security measures to ensure your belongings are as safe as can be while in our care or while sitting on your driveway in one of our shipping containers. 

Physical Security

One of the most attractive features of mobile storage is the ability to store your shipping container on your premises to ensure 24/7 accessibility. So, how do you keep your items secure while they are stored on your driveway?

Steel shipping containers from 1800 We Store It are made from hardened steel bodies and steel plate doors that are incredibly difficult to break into. Heavy-duty padlocks resistant to picking and cutting are supplied with every service. In addition, tamper-evident seals can provide evidence of any tampering attempts. 

Using Technology For Security 

Technology is critical in storage security because you can never be too careful when keeping your items safe. 1800 We Store It is dedicated to providing more than affordable, convenient storage solutions because we also strive to deliver peace of mind that your items are safe while in our care or stored in one of our containers. 

Our containers are tough and durable enough to keep your items high and dry, and secure on your premises. Still, container security is significantly enhanced when you store your containers at one of our conveniently located storage depots. Each location is monitored 24/7 by the latest in CCTV security.

Access Control

We don’t let just anybody into our storage facilities, and we take steps to ensure only authorised customers have access to their belongings. 

While your storage container is with us, it is secured by professional staff and high-tech security. When you need to access your belongings, call ahead, and we will get your container ready for you. 

The Human Touch

While physical and technological security features are critical to ensuring the security of your stored items, people are a significant part of the equation as well. 

Security personnel watch over our storage facilities with regular patrols that ensure a fast response to security concerns. In addition, their highly visible presence also serves as a deterrent for would-be intruders. 

In short, the human touch in security at 1800 We Store It goes beyond monitoring and responding to incidents. It encompasses building customer relationships, providing personalised assistance, and creating a secure and welcoming environment. This human element adds an extra level of care and attention to detail, ensuring that customers feel confident in the security of their stored items when partnering with 1800 We Store It for all their storage needs. 

If you need safe, secure, and affordable storage, check out the 1800 We Store It website, where you can enter your details for a quick quote. Or call us directly on 1800 937 867 for friendly, professional advice. 


Terry Davison