What is Mobile Storage

Posted on 2 December 2022 | 3 minute read

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What is Mobile Storage?

Mobile storage has revolutionised the storage industry in the last decade. Mobile storage units offer a versatility of options to satisfy the budgetary, storage capacity and accessibility needs of the modern customer. The unit is delivered to a customer’s premises or preferred location by truck and forklift or tow-truck and either kept onsite or returned to the secure storage facility for the duration of a customer’s storage needs.

There are significant benefits and advantages to mobile storage, such that this offering has overtaken traditional storage units and is now the leading product in the storage service industry. To read the full list of significant and wide ranging benefits of mobile storage, please click here.

Mobile storage unit providers have adapted to the unique and individualised needs of their customers and their offering has grown to include the following services:

Mobile serviced storage (a premium service provided by industry leaders, where storage units are delivered to your premises or preferred location and experienced and professional removalists pack, load, unload and unpack a customer’s goods for them, providing the full end to end service).

Mobile self storage (storage units are delivered to a customer for packing and are collected for storage at the company’s secure storage facility).

Onsite mobile self storage (units are delivered to a customer for packing and are left onsite for the duration of their storage requirements).

Shipping container hire (containers are delivered to a customer’s premises and kept onsite for the duration of their storage requirements).

For more detail relating to each of the different mobile storage services, please click here.

No two households, offices, shops or warehouses contain the same contents for storage, and so it follows that each customer’s needs will be different when it comes to the size of the mobile storage unit they require. Mobile storage companies have different unit sizes, each with recommended capacities. Customers should carefully consider their requirements and ensure they choose the right size storage unit to suit their needs. For more detail relating to different storage unit sizes and their equivalent capacity, please click here.

We know that cheapest isn’t always the best and this is certainly true of the storage industry. In choosing the most competitive or best value storage unit for your needs, it is crucial to know your storage needs in cubic metres, and only then can you compare the prices and deals on offer and work out the best. For more information on simple calculations to measure cubic metre capacity and cubic metre cost per week, please click here.

Packing up an entire home, office, shop or warehouse for storage is an incredibly complex and stressful logistical undertaking. While customers each have their own unique needs, there are some universal considerations to be mindful of when shopping for the right mobile storage provider. To read our full checklist of recommendations to ensure that your packing and storage experience is positive and stress free, please click here.

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